Our Identity

The company D. Exintavelonis - S. Arabatzis is a modern meat trading and processing unit that bears the seal of the European Union.

In the twenty years of its operation, it already holds a dominant position in the field of Meat Standardization and Marketing with a Food Hygiene Assurance System and permanent veterinary monitoring to guarantee its products.

The modern facilities, the technical equipment and the human resources of the company, ensure the continuous excellent quality of the products and show us that the results of our efforts will be a success story.

Our company has a wide range of products in meat Greek but also from European Union countries and is able to offer them to you in any form you need.

The products are available in fresh or frozen form and weight always according to your needs.

Our privately owned facilities have been designed and built based on the most modern and strict specifications.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, which follows the strict specifications of the EEC, allows the smooth flow of the production stages with simultaneous absolute control.

Greek or imported beef, fresh or fresh-frozen.
Tortugita (or duck)
Fillet (KTI)
Minced meat
Steak (M / O)
Steak (X / O)


In us you will find a wide variety of chicken, fresh or fresh-frozen.

The whole
Breast fillet
Thigh fillet
Skewer handmade
Machine skewer

Meat products

We prepare for you products with unique taste and incredible price.
Handmade burger
Hamburger burger
Gruyere burger
Burger stuffed
Rustic sausage
Frankfurt sausage


Our company, once again pioneers and offers you (through its partners) a complete package (box) with meat to grill (BBQ).

The package can also be configured by you adding more quantity to all or one item or changing one item to another or increasing the quantity to one item by subtracting another.

For professionals or clubs

Especially for hotels, camping and clubs or associations, you can give me the number of people you want to enjoy our products or even special interest in specific products and we will send you a unique offer that will surely pleasantly surprise you.

Quality To ensure the quality of our company's products to the consumer, we have strict controls from the moment of receipt to the stages of processing, packaging and disposal.
This is achieved through the food safety management system ISO 22000/2005, as well as the traceability system performed by the highly trained food technologists of our company at all stages of production.
The continuous cooling of all areas, as well as the disinfection and hygiene systems of the production machines that are harmonized with the latest directives of the European Union, make us able to ensure the absolute hygiene in all stages of our production process.
The comfortable storage spaces, controlled cooling, allow the maintenance of an ideal reserve quantity of products, in order to immediately cover any inoculated demand.
The company in addition to the implementation of the existing Quality Management Systems has established additional internal control mechanisms for their continuous improvement.