The company D. Exintavelonis – S. Arabatzis is a modern meat trading and processing unit that bears the seal of the European Union.

In the twenty years of its operation, it already holds a dominant position in the field of Meat Standardization and Marketing with a Food Hygiene Assurance System and permanent veterinary monitoring to guarantee its products.

The modern facilities, the technical equipment, and the human resources of the company ensure the continuous excellent quality of the products and show us that the results of our efforts will be a success story.

Our company has a wide range of products in Greek meat but also from European countries and is able to offer them to you in any form you need.

The products are available in fresh or frozen form and weight always according to your needs.

Our privately owned facilities have been designed and built based on the most modern and strict specifications.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, which follows the strict specifications of the EEC, allows the smooth flow of the production stages with absolute control simultaneously.